The International Society
for Child Indicators

ISCI Kahn & Kamerman Award 2022

Professor Irene Rizzini

Prof. Irene Rizzini is a sociologist, Ph.D. from the Instituto Universitário de Pesquisa do Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ), with a degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Úrsula, a master’s degree in Social Service from the University of Chicago (School of Social Service Administration). She is a professor in the Department of Social Service at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Undergraduate and Graduate Studies) and director of the International Centre for Childhood Studies and Research (CIESPI) in partnership with PUC-Rio. At the international level, she was President of the Childwatch International Research Network, 2002-2009, and was a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame, at the Institute for International Studies, with a focus on Latin American Studies in 2006. Irene Rizzini received the Guggenheim award for 2008- 2009 and The Global Citizens Award (2016). She was a visiting professor (Leverhulme professorship grant) at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, from August to November 2017, associated with the Center for Research on Families and Relationships (2017). She actively participates in several editorial boards of scientific journals and coordinates several scientific cooperation research projects with universities on all continents, with publications at national and international levels.