The International Society
for Child Indicators

ISCI Award in Honor of Christine Hunner-Kreisel 2022

Stella Marz

Is a Phd candidate researching the topyc of “The good life in the normative space of possibilities- Wellbeing of children in an international perspective”.

She qualitatively examines the well-being of children from an intersectional and subjectivation-theoretical perspective and reconstructs how dimensions of inequality such as classism, heteronormatism, racism, ableism and adultism have an influence on subjective well-being. In doing so, she develops an understanding of subjective well-being that essentially unfolds through processes of subjectivation and thus within the framework of powerful practices that are culturally and socially determined. 

As a young researcher, Stella März has not only made important contributions to qualitative research on child well-being with her own numerous empirical research projects and publications, but she also systematically encourages and promotes other emerging scholars internationally who work on theoretical, methodological and especially ethical questions concerning qualitative child well-being research. International orientation, scientific curiosity and the question of power and social inequality characterise her approach and continue important impulses from Christine Hunner-Kreisel´s work and life.