The International Society
for Child Indicators

ISCI Impact Award 2019

Partnership between the Children’s Society and the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York, United Kingdom


This partnership, which spans 15 years, is built around the annual publication of the Good Childhood Report, which provides detailed knowledge and information about how children and young people in the UK feel about their lives, the events and circumstances affecting their lives and how children’s overall well-being and quality of life can be improved. The essence of these reports is to highlight children’s perspectives through rigorous child-centred research. It generates substantial public interest and dialogue around children’s lives, and through on-going lobbying and advocacy campaigns has made a significant impact on social policy in the UK.

The Children’s Society has been supporting young people in poverty and neglect in the UK since the late 1800s by providing frontline services, lobbying and influencing policy changes, and carrying out research about the issues affecting children, often with the active participation of children and young peopleThe Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York is a leading UK centre for applied health and social care research. Since 1973, they conduct high impact policy and practice research across the lifecourse.